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Shock Absorber, Coil Spring and Strut Replacement

Shock absorbers, coil springs, and struts are all important components of a car's suspension system. They work together to ensure a smooth and comfortable ride, as well as maintaining proper tire alignment and vehicle stability. However, like all mechanical parts, they will eventually wear out and need to be replaced.

Some signs that it's time to replace your shocks and struts include a bumpy ride, fluid leakage, the car bottoming out, and the feel of rocking and rolling when driving around corners. Additionally, worn shocks and struts can also lead to premature tire tread wear. If you're experiencing these problems, your vehicle may need suspension repair and most likely shocks and struts replacement.

Suspension repair

When a shock absorber or strut is worn out, the vehicle is prone to bounce and may become difficult to drive when it encounters rough road surfaces. When you are on the road, the steering and suspension system of your vehicle is what helps you stay in control. The entire weight of your vehicle is carried by your shocks and steering system.

Suspension services:

  • Air suspension repairs
  • Coil spring replacement
  • Leaf spring repairs
  • Shock replacement
  • Strut replacement
  • Wheel alignment adjustments
  • And More!

Shocks and struts replacement

There are many other obvious signs that point to worn out shocks and struts and the necessity to replace shocks and struts, including:

  • Bumpy ride
  • Fluid leakage
  • Plunging forward on stops
  • Premature tire tread wear
  • The car bottoming out
  • The feel of rocking and rolling when driving around corners

When Should You Replace Shocks and Struts?

While every vehicle is different, most technicians recommend having your shocks and struts inspected at the first sign of potential wear or every 50,000 miles. After fully inspecting your vehicle, our technicians will make a recommendation for any necessary repairs.

When replacing worn shocks and struts, technicians will restore your car to a smoother ride. You'll also immediately notice improved control, better stability and shorter braking distances while you're behind the wheel.

Our certified technicians can examine all of your suspension components in order to make sure that your steering and shocks are operating properly, and will also inspect:

  • Alignment issues
  • Impacts or Struts
  • Loose power steering belts
  • Out of balance tires
  • Power steering fluid
  • Steering wheel alignment
  • Tightness of bolts and nuts
  • Uneven wear on tires

Our expert technicians will also inspect your wheel balance and tire to see whether the problems are tire-related or not.

Lifted Suspensions for Cars and Trucks

Suspension systems for lifted cars and trucks are require specific repairs and maintenance and Ruffing Automotive Service can maintain all types of lifted truck suspensions with dedication to technology and training, which ensures that the service they provide is reliable.

Ruffing Auto has expert mechanics who specialize in repairing leaf, coil, and air springs. These components are essential to the suspension systems pf lifted cars and trucks. Over time, shocks, bumps and potholes can impact their integrity and performance. Improper inflation and damage from road debris can also impact air spring performance over time. They offer custom solutions and are able to repair a variety of truck types.

Lifted suspensions are important that need to be maintained and repaired regularly to ensure a smooth ride and stability. Suspension systems for lifted cars trucks are different than those for regular trucks and require specific repairs and maintenance. Ruffing Auto offers a wide range of repair and maintenance services for lifted cars and trucks. Our certified technicians specialize in repairing and maintaining suspension systems, ensuring that the service they provide is reliable and of high quality.

Monroe shocks

Monroe® Shocks and Struts, is one of the most respected brands in the automotive and commercial vehicle industry and we are proud to carry a large variety of Monroe shock absorbers. Ruffing Auto Repair Service offers the following Monroe shocks: Monroe air shocks, Monroe reflex shocks, Monroe sensa trac shocks, Monroe load adjusting shock absorber, Monroe gas magnum shocks, Monroe max air shocks, Monroe heavy duty shocks, Monroe gas matic shocks, Monroe load leveling and adjusting shocks, Monroe oespectrum shock absorber and more. Bring in your car, truck or RV to get quality replacement Monroe shocks for your vehicle.

What's the Difference Between Shocks and Struts?

A vehicle will have either a shock or a strut at each wheel, never both. The major difference between shocks and struts is that a strut is a structural part of the vehicles suspension system where a shock is not. A strut is also crucial part of the vehicles steering system and greatly affects alignment angles.

What are struts?

Struts, which are a combination of a coil spring and shock absorber, also help to maintain proper vehicle alignment and stability. Cars need both springs and shock absorbers. Struts are the structural part of the suspension system and are located on the front end of nearly every front-wheel drive vehicle. A strut includes numerous suspension parts into a compact assembly that includes:

  • Coil Spring
  • Shock Absorbers
  • Spring Seats
  • Steering Knuckle
  • Strut Bearing

What are shocks?

Shocks, also referred to as shock absorbers, are a key component of the suspension system. Shocks control the impact and rebound movement of your vehicle’s springs and suspension; they maintain tires contact with the road surface at all times. Without shocks, the wheels on your car, it will actually bounce off of the road surface, and vibrate erratically on rough roads. Shock absorbers are typically made up of three main components: a coil, piston, and hydraulic fluid. Shock absorbers can come in three types: mon-tube, dual-tube, and coil-over shocks. Coil-over shocks are a combination of a spring and shock absorber in one unit. However, replacing coil-over shocks can be a bit more challenging and may require a professional spring compressor to do properly.

Coil Springs

Coil springs also play an important role in the suspension system, by providing support and stability. When the oil cylinder piston in the shock absorber moves, the oil flows through the damping hole, and converts the kinetic energy into heat through friction which help to weaken the impact of the ground on the vehicle.

In conclusion, shock absorbers, coil springs, and struts all play an important role in ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride, proper tire alignment and vehicle stability. It's important to pay attention to the signs that they may need to be replaced, and to have them replaced by a professional if necessary. We carry the most popular brands of shocks, including: Monroe shocks, KYB, Bilstein, RFY, Gabriel, Rancho, AC Delco, Koni and more.

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