Auto Repair Coupons, Rebates & Offers

Check our coupons and follow our tips below to help you save money on the cost of car repairs and maintenance.

  1. Schedule a regular oil change at Ruffing Automotive Services in Kaukauna. It is the key to easy car maintenance and eliminating expensive engine repairs down the road.
  2. Pay attention to the "service light" warnings on your dashboard. Responding quickly to a service light is often easy and affordable but ignoring a service light can greatly increase the cost of future car repairs.
  3. Get to know your owner's manual. It is time well spent. The owner's manual contains valuable tips for keeping the cost of car maintenance and service affordable.
  4. Discuss the details of needed auto repairs with your mechanic.

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Get $5 Off!
$5.00 off any service over $50.00. Cannot be combined with other offers.
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